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Workshop : Vila Mutiara Gading Blok F5,No 9A,Setia Asih,Tarumajaya Bekasi Jawa Barat,Indonesia 17215



September 18, 2018

How it Works

What Is Lampuin..? 
Lampuin is Platform WEB and MOBILE Application,SECURITY Digital Content and CLOUD Digital Concept with a Very Low Cost.
This System is Platform  is Capable of executing Wireless Data Transmission via RF/Zigbee,LoRA, NB IoT and GPRS/2G/3G/4G Network, Realizing the measuring and monitoring for Street Lighting,.It is a system operating with wireless data transmission via RF/Zigbee,LoRa, NB IoT and Connected to GPRS/2G/3G/4G Network or GSM Network,.

System Features :

Flexible Networking
Handshaking Protocol of Zigbee facilitates the flexible networking of lighting fixtures,
eliminating Signal Dead Corner or Disturbance.

Data Monitoring
Record and report the working status ( Voltage, Current, Temperature) by internal sensors.

Malfunction Alert
Report the physical position of Malfunction Lights to the control center or portable

Remotely Control
Remotely Control, through the dual-transformation of Zigbee and TCP/IP, together with
GPRS and Cloud Server.

Real-Time Dimming
Real-Time Control of on/off switch, Brightness, Color Temperature or even RGB mode by
Control Center or portable terminals.

Secondary Energy-Saving
Automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment lighting status and traffic
flow, achieving secondary energy-saving.

Process & Results

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