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How It Works

Grin is a remote data monitoring system of PV ( Photovoltaics ) plant. Whenever and wherever you can access the PV Data, which including PV power and profits, CO2 emissions benefits, equipment running status, real-time and historical data,etc.
Multiple formats of charts are available for quick and easy review of the operating conditions and performance of the PV plant.

Data logger can upload the data to the monitor Microthings Cloud Server user to access data.
Users only need to access Microthings Cloud Server can know the status of the inverter, as well as current and historical power generation data.
The inverter can also view the day, month, year, total generating capacity.
Microthings Cloud Server each inverter display of power generation in the form of a list, but also to other photovoltaic devices can monitor and view the data, such as combiner boxes, smart meters, environmental monitors, storage machines and more.

Function :
Whether for residential system or commercial system, even for PV power station, Energia could deliver a satisfactory monitoring solution based on Microthings Cloud Server, which acts as a reliable, powerful and secure web-enabled platform. With flexible and sophisticated design, Microthings Cloud Server provides highly interactive and immediate access to key system data at any time and any place. Special views are enabled accounting for the different requirements of different applicants and target groups. The powerful analysis and reporting functions help owners and operators to improve the productivity of PV plant and the efficiency of operations.

Features :
Ease of operation and maintenance
Quick overview of all PV plant status
Monitor and record several of PV plants with centralized management
Professional analysis function to help maximize the system performance
Real-time access to key performance worldwide via PC or mobile phones

Advantages :
Via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, GSM Network ( 2G,3G,4 G ) and other network mode, easy access
Support browsers, mobile terminal browser access
Operation is simple, practical content
Information browsing fast, timely and comprehensive understanding of the power plant information
Unattended, is a powerful assistant manage your station
24-hour monitoring
Friendly interface, power access, easy to use, low maintenance costs
Whenever and wherever you can understand the power plant operating conditions
Feature-rich, providing comparative analysis of various data template
Various reports fully meet the needs of the daily management

Why Choose us
Smart and full solution for solar application
With a full range of 1kW to 1MW inverter, Energia provide comprehensive solution for residential, commercial and large scale plant, including monitoring solution.
Think global,act local
Support for global customers and local markets with local service team. Customer support and warehouses are strategically located in Indonesia.
The first Asian to get A + inverter
The leading-edge technology keep Growatt inverter Shining on a world-clase level.

Powerful R&D Team
Consistent investment in R&D to provide industry-leading energy efficiencies and breakthrough solution such as digital power management technology and world-class inverters.

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January 10, 2020
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